Welcome, and thank you visiting my world of beauty and Makeup Artistry.

I am pressed to remember a time in my life where I did not have an inherent passion for beauty. 

I truly want women to feel like the most desirable, confident, empowered, version of themselves when they leave my chair. Makeup to me isn’t about transforming, it’s about enhancing.

“Beauty” is a word with so many ideals and expectations attached, when really, it means something different to each of us. To me, beauty is personal, it doesn’t fit into a mold, and is consistently redefined by the uniqueness of each person I work with. A natural woman with all of her quirks and individual charm who doesn’t need or want a face full of makeup to feel good is the most enticing. She may be comfortable in her own skin but enjoys her personal style and ritual of putting herself together none the less. As women, I believe many of us already know the power of adding signature touches and playing up our favorite features. Whether that means a subtle smokey liner to enhance your gorgeous eye color or that perfect lipgloss, equivalent to a swipe of confidence every time you pop into the mirror and put it on. Makeup may not be one of life’s vital necessity but it has given us the power to enhance how we feel at that next big event, job interview, capturing the perfect headshot, even first dates to the most priceless wedding- and to me, that is brilliant!

I am thrilled to share my passion and joy for the art of beauty with you in this journey.

I strive to be as responsible as possible with my makeup and equipment, everything I use in my kit is cruelty free! You can rest assured no animals were harmed in the creation of your signature look ;)

Thank you for visiting & I hope our paths cross soon!